Aim 4 the Top

It’s incredibly astonishing the ways ppl received the big-bang news: a Saudi topped Everest!! As if backwardness is a trait to which anyone dealing with or writing about Muslims have to return, as if a touchstone out-lasting time or experience. I just don’t know how u could resist the temptation of posting anonymous comments.
A similar perspective, a bit more shocking, the way some “Us” try to rate the achievement. They summed up the whole thing as: getting up there! Certain ppl adopt attitude that only think for the moment and endeavor to slip through life without turning corners or climbing hills. And to avoid difficulties, they jettison so much that are so honorable and brave!!
Back 2 the Everest thing; it took so long till 1 of us made it, and we still get the whole thing so wrong. If it wasn’t something so brave and genuine, what else does it mean? How something so right feels so wrong 2 some ppl? How sth so brave, benevolent and smart can be considered meaningless or useless?! Shouldn’t it be seen as a brave athletic realization, a step forward, a credit 4 Muslim youth; and most amazingly a mental and moral fatigue, as u pointed out once with your indices on your head.. And here lies its greatness.. I do believe so.
To me, as a normal person, something else amazed me away far other than the Everest thing. The “process” of achieving the dream is, to me at least, away more impressive than capturing Everest itself. I read about the way he learnt to develop a tough skin all by his own during school. Smith’s words still linger n my head: “we r both ordinary ppl, yet harbor big dreams.” To be able 2 keep a head on shoulders in front of one’s own world and still please the inner worthy-chasing dreams is the toughest mission of all. Still he feels so keen about his Arabic-Muslim background in spite of that massive cultural melting pot we all fall in.. By now I think u get what I meant by “the whole process.” I meant the very start—Being a normal guy who dreamt high. Astonishing how one internalized that frequent-used phrase deeply.. applied it literally.

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