Never Do this:

Does English grammar make you feel sad, bored, and depressed? Are you worried that you will never truly use English grammar correctly?
What if I told you that grammar rules are not the key to speaking English easily, correctly, and automatically? The best English learners are children, of course. Why? In fact, it’s because they don’t study grammar and they don’t learn from textbooks. They use very specific methods and “rules” for learning. If I told you that English grammar is actually easy to learn when you use the correct system, would you apply it? Well, its true. English grammar is easy, but only if you learn it correctly. And the correct way is not studying grammar rules.
You must learn grammar intuitively. You must learn grammar subconsciously and naturally.
You must learn grammar easily and effortlessly- just like children or native speakers. That is in phrases not word by word.
T.A Zainab

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