First Things First

Dear students, Follow these steps to b a member n the online teaching course “Get Going Effortless English Learning”

***How to download the Program?Download Skype and install it, if u haven’t already. U can find it n the link below: 

***How to sign into the program?Sign into Skype by having a Skype user name, password, and an email account.

***How to find the course?Search for the following email:

or: Online.Teaching.Course

or just send me your email account and I shall do it all. 



.. U r officially a member in the course now J We shall start tomorrow In sha’a Allah Tala.God keep u all,T.A Zainab Q.


  1. Alssalam Alikum
    dear teacher ,
    i wana 2 ask u about the cource , did u sign my name in it or yet ? and if i am amember when will we start ?
    your fathfully,,

    1. Walcum Asslam
      Hello Faiza
      Follow the steps n the entry 2 sign up
      or just send me your skype user name 2 do the singing myself
      Wish u luck n exams,,

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