First Off: Rules to Agree on

There are some rules that we should agree on first if really wanna master Eng. Lng, which are:
The Truth about Learning English:
The truth is- if you continue to use the same learning methods- you will never speak English well. You will always have problems with your speaking. However, there is a new way. When you use the right method, you improve easily. In fact, in six months you will have incredible speaking power– easily. Native speakers will understand you easily and you will understand them if only you stick to advise we’re giving you. The most important of them all is that you need to change your learning method, and the first thing you must do is to practice it from now on.. Remember: use it or lose it!
Never Do this:
Does English grammar make you feel sad, bored, and depressed? Are you worried that you will never truly use English grammar correctly?
What if I told you that grammar rules are not the key to speaking English easily, correctly, and automatically? The best English learners are children, of course. Why? In fact, it’s because they don’t study grammar and they don’t learn from textbooks. They use very specific methods and “rules” for learning. If I told you that English grammar is actually easy to learn when you use the correct system, would you apply it? Well, its true. English grammar is easy, but only if you learn it correctly. And the correct way is not studying grammar rules.
You must learn grammar intuitively. You must learn grammar subconsciously and naturally.
You must learn grammar easily and effortlessly- just like children or native speakers. That is in phrases not word by word.
Can I Immediately Do This Myself?
By the end of this course, we shall work together to make sure that you’d have the following:
-First and foremost, excellent pronunciation
-Second, a large vocabulary,
-Third, automatic grammar.
But the most important thing for us is that you practice what you’ve studied day by day. Learn English easily in the way back home, with friends, while watching TV, while you walk, while you shop, and in every possible occasion…
It is all about the way you learn English in a relaxing way by listening to real English articles about interesting topics. Imagine thinking, smiling, and laughing while learning. It is by far the way you avoid grammar study and instead learn grammar like children– naturally. This is it, the main method of all my lessons.
Yes, this course has a guarantee!! If within the first two sessions you don’t find yourself getting what you’re aiming a, then just tell us and will gladly understand your situation. Someone else will take the place.

Best regards,

T.A Zainab Q.

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