To My Late Professor Ahmed Ramez Kutrieh R.I.P

To the soul of my Professor. Ahmed  Ramez Kutrieh


I feel so privileged that I met you..

I can’t think of the words to thank you for the knowledge u gave,

the inspiration, and the love of Literature

King Lear will always have a special place in my heart

because of the way you read it for us..

Will always, always recall those lectures and plays..

May Allah bless your soul

& place you in Janat Aln3eem

Amen to that I say..

Your student:

Zainab Alqublan


  1. I googled his name even though I heard that he passed away, it wasn’t confirmed to me. Sadly, it is now.. well what can I say? Allah yer7mah he was one of the best in the department and I miss him everytime I see “Shakespeare” written anywhere. Because he had many posters on his office about him.

    1. Gone but not forgotten..
      May Allah rest him @ Garden of Aden..
      Me too, he taught me (NGL_344) and it was a blast to say the least..
      His wife, Prof. Marcia is that much amazing.. Lucky us, have been taught by 2 great personae 🙂
      Thanks 4 passing by!

  2. I graduated in 2005, went back and visited him in 2008 and i didn’t know about this unfortunate news until now. A great teacher and a greater human being. R.I.P my teacher…..R.I.P my friend.

    1. I’m at a loss of just saddens me to broke the news to many of his students, but the other side of the coin shows how much loved and remembered he was, and always will..

      Thank you Mr. Ibrahim for dropping by..

  3. i am a 1986 graduate qatar univrsity . Its very sad .He was one of the best ,kindest and most caring teachers.May Allah rest his soul in heaven. My best regards to his wife,dr Marcia who was also a great teacher.

  4. I am a 1986 Qatar Univesity graduate,Its very sad ,may Allah rest his soul in paradise.He was one of the best ,kindest and most caring teachers. My regards to his wife,dr Marcia who was also my favourite teachre.

    1. He’s a loss!
      The fact that you still recall him after all the years touched me.. May Allah reward him for all the love he gave..
      Prof. Marcia was the winds beyond my wings throughout the M.A program. They were such a sweet couple! He nursed her for one whole year when she had a severe accident in 2008. She gave only Skype classes through his last illness in 2010. I can get you in touch with her if you wish?

      On a final note, I’m so glad to have you here..

      1. Dear zainab,h thanks alot for welcoming me in your workspace. i recall my [less favourite]teachers,but i will always remember the ones i liked and highly respected. as for your kind offer to get me in touch with prof.Marcia,i would like that,but my hesitation comes from my rustic English,and the lack of internet skills from my side. I consider myself [ignorant]in this field. I am like a child having its first steps,so please excuse my faults and accept my best wishes.

    2. Hello Aisha Ismael Faraj AL- Ansari ,
      I am Your previous colleague Nawal Rashid Ali
      AL- Buainain . For months I have tried ur sister Asma’s mobile number and I could not reach her . I have contacted her as far as I remember late 2016 and early 2017 . We have chatted extensively on mobile . I hope everything is well family wise . Please stay on touch . Here is my mobile number . My email address is .
      I know ur email goes back to 2013 meaning four years ago .
      I was googling names of all our great teachers at Qatar University and I found your name extending condolences and remembering Dr. Kutrieh . I hope u check ur email address .

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