All About the Exams

Hello ladies,

Exams are approaching. They definitely play an important part in one’s educational career. It tells what kind of students are you; whether up to the challenge or not. The ability to pass an exam is indeed a valuable quality.  It shows how much you have acquired a knowledge in English Literature and how you can express your information in neat, sound English. There is no short cut to success, this is the first thing you should remember. For this reason you have to study well first of all. To aim for the best performance, just use the following tips:

  1. Go back for the lectures, notes and outlines we had at class. If u didn’t during the term, still u can have a hand on them via the website store.
  2. It is very important to keep your paper neat, clean with a readable hand writing readable.
  3.  Answer the questions you know well, first. The 20 marks can change your GPA dramatically.
  4. This is a very important point. While studying make small notes and that should not be descriptive make theme brief so that you can remember all points while having the test.
  5. Sleep well, eat well. Breakfast before exam is a must to keep your brain cells charged.
  6. Have faith in yourself.

For any question about the coming tests, just list them down below..

Study hard and good luck


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