Hello Ladies,

Praise be to Allah that you are almost done with four of the greatest works in literature, old and modern. It has been such a blast and I’ve enjoyed every moment of reading and discussion with you all.

The works are: Oedipus Rex, Arms and the Man, Robinson Crusoe, A Passage to India. Select one work or more and tell us your feedback about that work in particular. How does it help you in understanding life and human being? You might also add a general comment on Literature. What do you think of it as a field of study? Do you expect Literature to discuss the themes that we talked about? Is there any difference between your understanding of Literature before and after reading these works? Do you wish to read more works?

I can’t wait to read your insightful thoughts. Have a good day.


  1. * Each novel or a play I learned of them such as :

    – Oedipus the king :
    Time will soon teach you what you were ignorant of
    The Remorse and grief are not useful for turning back the clock

    – Arms and the Man:
    War, a symbol of evil and stupidity
    We must distinguish between romanticism as a code of behaviour involving high-flying ideals, and being romantic in sense of acting with affection towards others. Shaw was against false ideals and pretended sentiments; he was not against love and affection.

    – Robinson Crusoe:
    Robinson insistence and determination
    That the positions that have been Robinson is the main reason for the discovery of the same

    -A Passage to India:
    Importance of India’s geographical, commercial, made it natural for the coveted British

    **** finaly I think the Plot of the writer made education an important station in the study of literature . . . .

  2. frankly ..all works give me agreat lessons ,but Arms and man let me think about many things .
    let thank my God because we live in a freedom,security ,and peace,and nobody can hurt u like what happen to Aziz and what happen now in our arab countries
    from another side as I learned the hope and faith with your God are two things u should have them, because without them u can’t achieve what u want

    Yeah I really change my opinion about literature and you have a role in that ,before I study it I thought it’s just reading but after that it’s give us a great wisdoms and knowledge about many things
    for me it’s like a pearl
    this’s not the whole what I understand just important things..

  3. In the beginning I thought literature exist only 2 express emotion and waste your time.
    I thought this till U taught us the symbolism, I never imagin I could think “out of the box” and try 2 think what the whole idea of every work in literature.
    some of what I have learned from each work:

    Oedipus Rex:
    “I’m not sure how 2 express it but I’m gonna give it a shot”
    As high as U rise, it’s gonna be painful when U fall
    The greatness come with envy.

    Arms and the Man:
    War is way 2 destroy others life not 2 protect or help them
    Peace is the greatest blessing ever

    Robinson Crusoe:
    You shouldn’t analyse others personality before U know who U R !!

    A Passage to India:
    Discrimination ruined a lot of innocent people

    That what I have in mind right now 😀

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