Oedipus the King (Script)

For all those signed up to the course project of (Appreciating Drama-241) here we go with the script:

P.S: (You don’t have 2 memorize every word in the script)

Part 1

Narrator: Here we are… More than a thousand years before Christ… Near the city of what is now known as Athens… A palace ruled by a king whose name was Laius, married to a distant cousin, Iocasta, who bore him a son, only to be visited by the priestess of Delphi that reveals a prophecy.

Apollo: Laius beware… that you the king of Thebes… would die in the hands of thy own son. As I the god of truth and forsythe, I speak to you that any act to void this prophecy was as futile as to set oneself against the decrees of fate. So long King of Thebes.

Narrator: The King’s belief was partial, as he believes no one could foretell his future but him. But he then ordered his son to be brought to the mountains and be slain by beast and thieves. Iocasta couldn’t bear it but she knows the rules of the gods.

Years have passed the Kingdom of Thebes live in harmony and tranquility. Until it was beset by a frightful monster, the Sphinx. She waits where the three roads meet on the way to Delphi for anyone who will pass and cast a riddle and if the person cannot answer it she devours them. And she does this from one person to another. Horror and fears filled the city and the seven great gates that were their pride remained close; famine drew near to the citizens.

Until there came, a stranger, a man of great courage and intelligence, whose name was Oedipus. He left his kingdom, Corinth because Apollo has foreseen that his fate was to kill his own father and to marry his own mother and have children with her.

Sphinx: (walking around the stranger, sniffing) Uhm… quite a fresh one… you’re not from around here, aren’t you?

(Oedipus just follows the Sphinx with a stair)

Sphinx:  Quite a shy young lad… I shall give you a chance before I devour your flesh… (Walks around one more) What creature goes on four feet in the morning, on two at noonday, on three in the evening?”

Oedipus: (Stares afar and stares back to the Sphinx) Man, in childhood he creeps on hands and feet; in manhood he walks erect; in old age he helps himself with a staff.

Sphinx: Are you sure? (Oedipus nods)… No… You didn’t get the Precious answer… How could have somebody know the answer? (She screams and vanished)

(Oedipus not so surprised, taps his clothes from dirt and turns around when five men appeared in front of him)

Soldier 1: (raises his sword) Death is the punishment for such insolence to our sire.

Oedipus: I don’t know you people, the truth is I don’t know anyone around here. But to point your sword on my face is an insult to my being. (draws his sword)

(A war erupted between Oedipus and the five men. Oedipus was the only one left standing)

Narrator: Oedipus was then welcomed to the city, knowing that he was the one who slain the Sphinx. He married the Queen and had four children with her.

Part II

(Oedipus, seated in his throne talking to the three citizens who were begging for help)

Citizen 1: (Holding her tummy) Sire, we do not mean to interrupt your sleep. But we appeal for your mercy and compassion. We are dying of hunger, my Lord. Half of your people were weed away by disease. We are vanishingly helpless, Sire! If we don’t act now, there won’t be a single Theban left in the next coming days.

(Oedipus motioned & whispered to his servant) (The servant leaves) (Creon enters) (Oedipus whispered to Creon and Creon left)

Narrator:  Creon returned to the palace after heeding the help of the gods from the temple of Apollo and spread the news to all. The plague will only stop upon a condition fulfilled that whoever murdered King Laius will be punished.

Oedipus: (Speaking aloud)… Let no one of this land. Give shelter to him. Bar him from your homes. And solemnly I pray may he who killed wear out his life in evil, being evil.

(Teirisias enters)

Oedipus: Tell me, you have the gift… who is the culprit?

Teiresias: For the love of God…

Oedipus: (Stood in annoyance) If you have the knowledge, speak…

Teiresias: Fool’s… all of you are fools (she walks and turns) I will not answer.

Oedipus: I will punish you by death yourself if you don’t speak what you know.

Teiresias: You are yourself the murderer you seek.

(Mad Oedipus, slapped the oracle and the soldiers grabbed her away) (Oedipus sat back in his throne frustrated)

Narrator: Iocasta was into confusion upon hearing what the oracle has said. She then told her husband about Apollo’s prophecy about Laius and explained how he died according to the only soldier who survived the ambush.

Iocasta: Robbers murdered Laius, where the three roads meet on the way to Delphi.

(Oedipus gave her a strange look)

Oedipus: When did this happen?

Iocasta:  Just before you came.

Oedipus: (Stood and walks) how many were they?

Iocasta: Five in all. All were killed except one.

Oedipus: I must see that man? Send for him.

Narrator: Oedipus then told Iocasta about his story upon leaving Corinth due to a prophecy of Apollo that he will kill his own father and marry his own mother. Have children men would shudder to look upon. He said his father was the King Polybus of Corinth.                   Upon his way, where three roads meet he met a man with four attendants. They were mad at him for a reason he cannot understand and they draw their swords and fought until none of them can stand except him. And he left.

(An old man enters with the messenger stood in front of the king)

Messenger: He is the man who gave me the baby.

Oedipus: And you? (Turns to the old man)

(The old man did not answer)

Messenger: (to the old man) You must remember! You gave me once a little child you had found and that the king here is the child.

Old Man: Curse you!… Hold your tongue.

Oedipus:  What (stands angrily) I will put the two of you to death, if you don’t speak what I desire to know.

Old Man: (begging) Oh do not hurt me please. Yes, I did give her the child, but do not ask me more, Please!!!

Oedipus: If I ask you the second time… you’re finish.

Old Man: Ask your lady, she knows best. Oedipus: She gave him to you?

Old Man: (About to cry) Oh yes, oh yes, I was to kill the child because there is a prophecy that he will kill his father when he grows up.

Oedipus:  Enough (he shouted)… (He sat back) it’s all true. Now shall my light be turned into darkness? I am a curse.

Narrator: Iocasta over heard it all and she screamed & cried in a chamber before she killed herself… Finding her, Oedipus sat beside her & pierces his eyes with his knife to blind himself.


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