Dear Third-Level students,

I’ve a Conference to attend out of the City on Sat & Sun, therefore (Novel & Drama Class) will be rescheduled until further notice. T/C


  1. salam o alakum madam
    i am a graduate (hons) want a job in university anywhere in ksa please help me i am very very thankful to you for this act of kindness i hope you will do it
    *fateh muhammad
    thanks sister

  2. Wulcom Asslam Mr.,

    The starting point is to send your Curriculum Vitae to any electronic employment gate or staff in charge in different universities throughout S.A.
    Your C.V has to include the following: major, language proficiency, skills, experience…etc.

    Wish you luck with your work..
    Miss Zainab

  3. thanks mam for my correction please tell me how can i apply for university job because i dont now any one in ksa i am a new one if you guide me i shall be very thankful to you
    fateh muhammad

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