5th Level: 2nd Task of Romantic Poetry (332 NGL)

Hello everyone,

You’re almost half the way through to fulfill the requirements of the course. Here is your second task to achieve. You are expected and required to attend the presentations of your other mates as well. All you have to do are the following:  choose a partner, pick up a poem, present it fully and throughly in the class the same way I’ve trained you over the past weeks. Pay extra attention in your exposure of the Romantic glimpses here & there. Notify me and others of the poem you chose by listing that in the comment box below. Each week will be done with one poem at least.  I wish you all the best and enjoy the rest of the vacation.

1) Charlotte Smith’s “Evening”

OH ! soothing hour, when glowing day,
Low in the western wave declines,
And village murmurs die away,
And bright the vesper planet shines;
I love to hear the gale of Even
Breathing along the new-leaf’d copse,
And feel the freshening dew of Heaven,
Fall silently in limpid drops.

For, like a friend’s consoling sighs,
That breeze of night to me appears;
And, as soft dew from Pity’s eyes,
Descend those pure celestial tears.
Alas ! for those who long have borne,
Like me, a heart by sorrow riven,
Who, but the plaintive winds, will mourn,
What tears will fall, but those of Heaven ?


2) Joanna Baillie’s “A Portrait”
Yes–I will strive–though, at the thought, my heart
Sickens, and nature trembles at her part.
I will not wholly lose thee, but believe,
That, from on high, thy care I still receive;
And, as I wander through the silent glade,
Trace the sequester’d brook, or seek the shade,
Through day’s long hours; or in the night profound,
When stillness breathes a sacred calm around;
Discourse with thee in spirit, though disjoin’d,
And catch the influence of angelic mind.
The force of virtue lasts beyond the grave,
Still shalt thou watch, console me, guide, and save!
Lead me from ill, and keep my steadfast eye,
Fill’d with the prospect of futurity;
Where, soon or later, if I teach my feet
Thy steps to follow–we again shall meet.
3) Mary Darby Robinson’s “To Him Who Complains”

I see the scowling witch, DESPAIR
Drink the big tear that scalds thy cheek;
While thro’ the dark and turbid air,
The screams of haggard ENVY break.

From the cold mountain’s flinty steep,
I hear the dashing waters roar;
Ah! turn thee, turn thee, cease to weep,
Thou hast no reason to deplore.

See fell DESPAIR expiring fall,
See ENVY from thy glances start;
No more shall howling blasts appall,
Or with’ring grief corrode thy heart.

See FRIENDSHIP from her azure eye
Drops the fond balm for ev’ry pain
She comes, the offspring of the sky,


 4) Charlotte Smith’s “A Descriptive Ode”
With shorten’d breath and upturn’d eyes,
Sees the rough shore above him rise,
Nor dreams that rapine meets him on the strand.
And are there then in human form
Monsters more savage than the storm,
Who from the gasping sufferer tear
The dripping weed?–who dare to reap
The inhuman harvest of the deep,
From half-drown’d victims whom the tempests spare?
Ah, yes! by avarice once possess’d,
No pity moves the rustic breast;
Callous he proves–as those who haply wait
Till I (a pilgrim weary worn)
To my own native land return,
With legal toils to drag me to my fate!
5) Anna Laetitia Barbauld’s “A Thought on Death”  
When life as opening buds is sweet,
And golden hopes the fancy greet,
And Youth prepares his joys to meet,-
Alas! how hard it is to die!
When just is seized some valued prize,
And duties press, and tender ties
Forbid the soul from earth to rise,-
How awful then it is to die!
When, one by one, those ties are torn,
And friend from friend is snatched forlorn,
And man is left alone to mourn,-
Ah then, how easy ’tis to die!
When faith is firm, and conscience clear,
And words of peace the spirit cheer,
And visioned glories half appear,-
‘Tis joy, ’tis triumph then to die.
6) Hannah More:
Since trifles make the sum of human things,
And half our mis’ry from our foibles springs;
Since life’s best joys consist in peace and ease,
And though but few can serve, yet all may pease:
O let th’ ungentle spirit learn from hence,
A small unkindness is a great offence.
To spread large bounties though we wish in vain,
But all may shun the guilt of giving pain:
To bless mankind with tides of flowing wealth,
With power to grace them or to crown with health,
Our little lot denies, but heaven decrees
To all the gift of ministering ease;
The mild forbearance at another’s fault;
The taunting word, suppressed as soon as thought;
On these Heaven bade the bliss of life depend,
And crushed ill fortune when it made a friend


  1. اخترت انا وزميلتي وضحى حمد، هذي القصيده ، 1) Charlotte Smith’s “Evening”

  2. اخترت قصيدة Mary Darby Robinson’s “to him who complains” انا منال و زميلتي عهد. .

  3. Charlotte Smith’s “A Descriptive Ode”
    انا نهى وزميلتي حنان ماجد هذي القصيدة

  4. Hello all,
    This is the final division which you have all agreed on today:
    1) Moudy+Wadha
    2) Atheer + Nouf
    3) Ahad + Hanan
    4) Manal Naheth + Nouha
    5) Maram Musaad + Ebtihal
    6) Haifa + Noura + Manal Twaiq

  5. السلام عليكم
    مس زينب اخر محاضره بالشعر مالقينها مانزلت بالوقع
    ودرجات مااخذنها 🙂

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