Big Event: “Oedipus Rex” on Stage!

The English Department, represented by the Third Level students, took the initiative to host and perform the first theatre show at the college: Oedipus Rex by the Greek dramatist Sophocles.  The tragic murder-mystery trilogy is included in 241-NGL course and was represented in a new climate as a Musical Play. Those ladies insisted on making a day that is too hard to forget. They undoubtedly did!

The casting crew and coordinators were working like bees since early morning. Halls 24 & 25 were fully occupied and the atmosphere was totally a wedding-like 🙂 Bunch of girls in every corner, fixing makeup, styling hair, decorating, checking outfits, serving sweets or rehearsing.. Did I mention rehearsing! The amount of laughs we had at the rehearsal were utterly insane! Whoever attended this would know what I mean 🙂 The tickets ran out in no time and no room was left that some attendants had to watch the play standing. The crowd outside invaded the hall and requested over and over a re-do of the show. People kept passing by or watching us from far in excitement and joy. All set and it was the moment of truth…

Just few seconds before curtains opened, we’ve gathered on stage and reassured our targets: to blow minds with performance because we have faith in each and everyone of the team and will work till last second like so. Once the curtains opened and the narrator spoke in a firm dramatic tone, audience were all ears. The first scene ends with unexpected applause from the teaching staff. Scene II & III followed and audience were very laid back & enjoying their popcorn.

The unexpected moment happened when the sketch lady shout out ‘the end.’ A huge wave of joy overwhelmed us all with the cheering and clapping crowds. It was a moment to capture.. The heart-felt comments that we heard were so uplifting and deep from within that I only wished to get them on tape or write them down.

The last part were even more emotional. It was only me and the students but wherever I looked, there were faces glowing of happiness from inside. The students were extremely in a high spirit because of their sense of achievement and the feedback they got, so did I..

Big shout out for the following:

Casting Team:

  • Protagonist: Rawan Saud as Oedipus.
  • King Laius: Rajwa Amer
  • Queen Jocasta: Waad Mezeid
  • King Polybus: Khloud Amer
  • Queen Merope: Noura Turky
  • Oedipus’ friend: Tagreed Nawaf
  • Shepherd: Aljawhara Faisal
  • The Sphinx: Sara Alsakran
  • Oracle: Najla Moheisn
  • The guard: Wafa Fahad
  • Oedipus as a kid: Alya Nuneer
  • Narrators: Houria Fares & May Albaiz
  • Companions of the King: Sara Eid- Mezna Fayhan- Tagreed Nawaf.
  • People of Thebes: Rasheeda Almutairi- Falak Alyahya-Aljawhra Faisal- Tagreed Nawaf-Wafa Fahd- Khloud Amer

Theatrical Supplies Assistants:

  • Tickets Booking: Sara Alsakran & Noura Aldweirj.
  • Auditions Manger: Noura Mohammed.
  • Sneak Preview: Sara Alsakran.
  • Sketch Lady: Albandary Sultan.
  • Background Effects: Noura Fares.
  • Sound Effects: Sara Khalaf and Rajwa Amer.
  • Voice-over: Houria Fares Salim & May Albaiz.
  • Main-stage Lightening: Heba Aldweirj.
  • Dress-up & Custome: Hind Saif, Sedda Faraj, Ahaad Nimer, Ahoud Aldwaian.
  • Accessories and Masks: Albandary Sultan.
  • Stage-Curtains Assistants: Heba Aldweirg & Alhanouf Alshaye.
  • Voulnteers: Rasheeda Khalaf, Falak Alyahya, Alya Muneer.
  • Co-directors: Muneera Aldweirj, Alhanouf Alshaye, Sara Eid, Sara Alsakran, Aljawhra Faisal, May Albaiz, Albandery Sultan.
  • Director: Noura Mohammed Ali Hamad Aldweirj.
  • Production Crew: 3rd level students/English Dept.
  • Supervisor: Zainab Alqublan.

Screen shot 2013-05-14 at 12.04.41 PM

“It was one happy day,” I remember telling students so right before leaving that day.

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