Job Opportunities in Saudi Arabia

Hello everyone,

We are hiring!

If you are an expat living in Saudi Arabis, submit your resume online today. There are vacancies for the following career opportunities in the university:

  • Language Teachers or Teaching Assistants for native speakers with Bachelor Degree or Higher Diploma (preferably from U.S, U.K, Canada, Australia, South-Africa)
  • Lecturer positions for Master Degree holders.
  • Assistant professor positions for PhD holders.

Sajir College of Arts and Science is a major branch of the mother university, Shaqra. It is one of the newly established and highly reputable universities in Saudi with a huge budget that exceeds 8,000,000 S.R.  The city of Sajir is located in the central region of Saudi, only 280 Klms from the Capital Riyadh.

We are hiring in less than a month in preparation for the upcoming academic semester.

For further inquires, you may email us at:


Kind regards,

Vice Chairperson of the Department of English Language and Literature, Miss Zainab Alqublan

You can always leave a reply below:

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