Shout Out to Samia & Eng. Dept. St.s

We, at the English Department, kicked off this weekend with a blast:

The workshop: How to Draw Eyes Like Professionals with our student: coach Samya Mes7l Aldlb7y (2nd Level)


I’ve always wanted to spend some quality time with my students away from lecturing. It happened today!

We gathered all around one table.. I saw students teaching doctors! I saw many talents growing, others got blossoming! I got to witness a precious moment when someone learns something just for the sake of it…. For all of that I felt so genuinely proud of my babies.. May Allah bless their hearts..

I was startled for a moment…Literally, I discover something new about my students EVERY SINGLE DAY!

The college now is far from what we used to know as a dull place to be in. Students are being noticed, socialize more, and taking the lead in many events just like today. My heart almost skipped a beat when I was told over and over today that students in English Department specifically are growing in no time masha’a Allah. Most of the attendants today were from the Eng. Dept. let alone the coach herself.

I strongly believe that every student of mine got something unique. I don’t want any of that to go for waste. Students can do so much better beside courses.  It’s quite challenging to bring those talents into light but once they’re revealed, it’s all worth the pain.

Huge shout out again to Samya ❤️ Can you spot your drawing below 🙂



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