Painting Workshop by Sara Saud Alusaimi

Whether it’s drawing, painting or design you are seeking to develop, the English Language students got it all!

Another drawing workshop using copic markers held last Thurs. 28th of Nov. 2013 by our student: Sara Saud Alusaimi/ Level 7

Screen shot 2013-11-30 at 10.41.51 PM

I cancelled all my appointment for that big day, joined the workshop, had a blast drawing with Dr. Fadwa; little did I know that it won’t last longer.  I’ve been called for an urgent  committee meeting. The worst part is that the meeting lasted till 2 p.m.. But hey! one day I’m gonna get this sketch done and will brag about it 😛


I will list all the information about the colors used and the techniques when I got them from Sara. If you like Sara’s works do not forget to follow her and like her pics. That will mean a lot to a young artistic girl. Here’s Sara’s account:

Big, big shout out to Sara & her cooperative sweet group!

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