7th Level Project

The due day is today!

This is what I’m talking about:

Months ago, we set a goal to held a huge Seminar at college. To be honest it was one of our 2013 academic resolutions. The third of Dec. 2013 was the promised date and I got major butterflies with each passing day, so did everyone else.  I’ve never thought in my wildest dreams  that my students would completely blow minds the way they did today!! They literally killed it!

The seminar was the first literary one in college, let alone in English language. It tackles some of the most obvious but least understood aspects of human thoughts during the 18th and 19th Centuries. It was divided into two segments. The list of topics-discussed as follows:


Lamia Falah Almuhaya

Ebtisam Ayadh Almutairi


Sarah Abdullah Al-Azmei

Sara Saud Al-Osaimi

Malak DaifAllah Al-Utaibi

Hessah Saleh Al-Utaibi

Hind Saleim Al-Utaibi


Muneera Awad Al-Mutairi
Thekra Abdulaziz Al-Hafi


Setah Khalid Al-Utaibi


Ohoud Theib Al-Dalbhi

Industrial Revolution:

Nouf Moneef Al-Utaibi

Needless to say that my heart almost skipped a beat with every segment, lipreading every word by the speakers.. By the end of the two sessions, they got the whole room with a storm of applause & shower of praise.. I was in denial for a moment or so.. The two most recurring feedbacks from doctors were ‘passionate’ & ‘perfect’! Now tell me one good reason not to be happy for the day 🙂

Amazingly Designed Invitation Cards by Bashaeer Rafa3 Al-Utaibi
Amazingly Designed Invitation Cards by Bashaeer Rafa3 Al-Utaibi

I’m beyond proud at the moment of my students and grateful for Allah for having them..  This remarkable event is  definitely going to my diaries…did I mention that my hands still hurt of wild clapping? 🙂

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  1. It’s really a honor that’s things are happened with and from those people .
    Especially my sister one of them
    I wish you all success .

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