Dine in the Dark

Last night was a blast!

There was this occasion for such a supreme good cause for all those visually challenged people out there. They had a life-time opportunity to prove they are so capable of offering a lot.  Their mission is to serve dinner professionally in the pitch of darkness!


The whole idea of “Dine in the Dark” seemed a bit odd at first but having in mind that it was all for a good cause motivated me to find a room in an extremely hectic schedule. Another strong personal reason is my later auntie, Noura, who was visually challenged herself. Joining the experience at “Dans le Noir” for such a short, short period of time reminds me of all the blessings I have. I went out with such a flow of clashing feelings… still unbelievable experience and a fine memory that I will treasure till the end of times!photo-5

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