A Thanks Note

I’ve come to hold immense respect & appreciation for those folks who work with passion; such a fine practical example of Iklas. I got the privilege to work with quite a bunch of them. They are full of innovative ideas & willingliness to help. Tell me who can turn this:

Screen shot 2015-07-08 at 6.40.27 AM

Into this:1195445240416622736jean_victor_balin_arrow_blue_down.svg.med

Screen shot 2015-07-08 at 6.42.00 AM

In absolutely less than an hour!

To them all, a huge respect..

And many apologies for the throat ache that everyone of you got by the end of the day cuz of the insane number of visitors to the booth.. I got it too 🙂

I still recall how professional you were with students/staff members, generously sharing your knowledge with others, and how friendly you were to one another.. much like homies. Some of you made it to the booth while they were not on duty that day.. I mean who would give up on her off-day! You girls took your job to another level.. You splendidly did. I set protocol away & took off the high heels hugging the team for the absolute win of the day.. I wish I could keep you all along 😀

I shall list their names as follows:

Btool Almousa

Deema Mohammed

Sara Alazmi

Najla Saad

Nourah Mutlq

Noura Almousa

Ohoud Majed

Hind Salem

1 Comment

  1. It was a great day, especially with you and with the amazing group ..
    In English department, we do all our best to be the best, and This is a normal result of team work ❤️

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