3) Victorian Poetry Upcoming Projects


To meet the objectives of the (431-NGL) course, you must demonstrate proficiency in oral presentation on a specified Victorian poet and poetry. This mission will be a landmark in your academic experience if you give it all. You got the freedom to decide for yourself the project that you wish to work on.

 It’s either:

  1. One topic in the Seminar.
  2. Poem analysis.


First regarding the seminar: choose any of the following topics to talk about for 2-4 minutes:

(Realism, Orientalism, Existentialism, Imperialism, Post-colonialism, Skepticism, Heroism, )

P.S: I expect fluent, adventurous students to partake in this seminar.

Evaluation: individually.


Second, regarding the poems, they are:

  • Dante Gabriel Rossetti- Sudden Light
  • Thomas Carlyle- Cui Bono
  • Gerard Manley Hopkins- God’s Gradeur
  • Alfred Tennyson-In Memoriam

I expect you to present & write down your analysis in front of the class just like we did the last time.

P.S: The first group to present will get extra 5 marks.

Evaluation: the group will be evaluated as a whole not individually.


Think for yourself regarding your project, choose one, list your name below & be creative.

Please know that I’m here for you in case you need any help.

Miss Zainab


  1. موضي الرويضان – مريم المطيري- ليلى غازي -نوره المشوح -هاجر الدليقان

    Dante Gabriel Rossetti -Sudden Light .

  2. Alfred Tennyson-In Memoriam

    – أفراح محمد

    – ابتسال نايف 

    – نوره بدر 

    – أمل هزاع 

    – ساره فيصل 

  3. Alfred Tennyson-In Memoriam

    -منيره محمد الدويرج
    -نوره محمد الدويرج
    -ساره عبدالرحمن السكران

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