From the 9th of Dec, 2015; “ANNUAL SEMINAR”  by 7th Level


We are absolutely so over the moon to announce that our Annual Seminar at English Department has been finally delivered on the 9th of Dec., 2015 by none but the brilliant 7th Level, Class 2015 ❤

The Seminar tackles the following:

The Development of Human Thoughts from a Literary Perspective with a Special Exposure to the Victorian Era

The brave speakers are:

  • Imperialism: presented by Muneera Noor Almutairi
  • Skepticism: Ishraq Lafi Mutlaq
  • Orientalism: Zahya Muhammed Alsakran
  • Existentialism: Muneerah Abdulrahman Aldweirj
  • Post-colonialism: Nouf Mutlaq Wadaan
  • Realism: Asrar Saud Alousaimi
  • Cheif Coordinators: Najla Gazai Gazi & Alhanouf Naif Humain

Literally everyone I met was taken by your performance and the brilliance of the idea of the seminar. I mean EVERYONE whether it was the staff members, administrators, security staff and the rest of attendants.. Upon the audience request, the Seminar was performed all over again during the day.

To all of you, the speakers on stage & the coordinators backstage: you made such a sweet memory for everyone of us.. I’m beyond proud of you.. I wish I could tell in person each & everyone of you how amazing you were.. Your dedication and love of art marked a special place in my heart and I learn daily from you.. I wish you all the happiness & grace that you deserve.

Thanks for wrapping up 2015 with such great gift wrap! You are an artists, in every sense of the word.

Prayers & hugs

Miss Zainab

Dec. 11th, 2015

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