About Writing (2)

Please note that your final is on 26/3/1439

Hall: 41

Time: 8:15 AM

Here is the last exercise that we had last time. You may practice writing descriptive paragraph using it (not less than 10 to 15 sentences).

Practise on Descriptive Paragraph

  • You may use sentences like: It feels like … It sounds … It looks …. It tastes …….
  • Then just add adjectives and connectors.

For example:

The picture looks beautiful. It feels warm and fresh.  In addition, the sky is clear and the trees are green. There is a little girl. She reads a book. She looks happy and optimistic. The girl wears a beautiful shirt. It looks pink. There are flowers on her shirt. Her hair is blond. Moreover, there are roses everywhere. There are also two bees flying around her. The place smells nice and fresh. Personally, I like going there a lot. I like nature and Spring. In conclusion, the scene is amazing in every detail.


Good Luck everyone,

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