1. Professor Zainab you have a great language and you speak fluently
    I hope to become like you so I want you to tell me the way how to speak fluently
    You are a successful professor
    Thank you

  2. Hello teacher
    I have some questions 2 ask:
    when shouldn’t I Pronounce the letters ? I mean what are the cases?!
    and there are some letters if it come together Pronounce as a diffrent letter, e.g. Usual ?
    I hope you can help me with these problem
    there’s something else: about the listening to English audio, should I focus or that not Necessary ??

  3. Thank u Miss Zainab 4 every thing that u done 4 us I appretiate your efforts.
    I hope one day I will be like u in ur language,style and ur passion in English.

  4. Is this the profile page or I have mistaken it for a Q&A one?! ;p just kidding.

    Wish u and your students the best luck in the whole world, I was just passing by.

      1. mam i send a request to you for helping in my job any where in any firld in ksa i am a
        graduate student please help me as a brother contect number is 0596268165

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